5 Vacation Ideas for Survivalists and Preppers

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to plan your next vacation. Here are a few ideas that will allow you to have fun and practice your survival skills at the same time! 1. Roadtrip – But with a twist! Is there anything better than the Great American Roadtrip? It’s a chance to exploreContinue reading “5 Vacation Ideas for Survivalists and Preppers”

The 3 Guns Everyone Should Own

1. A Shotgun The number one gun everyone should own is a shotgun. Shotguns are incredibly versatile tools and the availability of different ammo types enables them to serve all sorts of different roles. You can use birdshot for hunting birds, small game, and pest control. Buckshot can be used for hunting larger game andContinue reading “The 3 Guns Everyone Should Own”

Top 5 Items You Should Have in Your Car

1. Portable Jump Starter The last time your car battery died did you have to call someone to get it jumped? Well not anymore!. Advances in battery technology have enabled devices that let you jump your car all by yourself. Most of them have charges that last 30 days or so. Some even have builtContinue reading “Top 5 Items You Should Have in Your Car”