Why You Need a Bug Out Bag (And What You Should Have In It)

Some of my non-prepper friends give me funny looks when I tell them they should have a Bug Out Bag. They don’t see the need and always seem to think they’ll have time to pack up what they need when disaster strikes. However, this goes against the core mindset of being prepared. If you takeContinue reading “Why You Need a Bug Out Bag (And What You Should Have In It)”

The 3 Guns Everyone Should Own

1. A Shotgun The number one gun everyone should own is a shotgun. Shotguns are incredibly versatile tools and the availability of different ammo types enables them to serve all sorts of different roles. You can use birdshot for hunting birds, small game, and pest control. Buckshot can be used for hunting larger game andContinue reading “The 3 Guns Everyone Should Own”

Top 5 Items You Should Have in Your Car

1. Portable Jump Starter The last time your car battery died did you have to call someone to get it jumped? Well not anymore!. Advances in battery technology have enabled devices that let you jump your car all by yourself. Most of them have charges that last 30 days or so. Some even have builtContinue reading “Top 5 Items You Should Have in Your Car”

Why YOU should be a prepper

These days “preppers” and “survivalists” have gotten associated with a negative connotation, conjuring up images of crazy apocalypticists hoarding for the end of the world. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, however, most preppers (like me) are people you wouldn’t even realize are preppers. We’re folks who believe that being prepared is important becauseContinue reading “Why YOU should be a prepper”