Huckleberry Tactical Light Bearing OWB Holster Review

Editor’s note: Huckleberry Tactical was kind enough to offer our readers 10% off all orders with coupon code “BLUERIDGE”. We purchased this holster on our own and will receive no compensation for this review.


Holster next to Glock 19

I recently started getting into action shooting at my local range and found myself in need of a new holster. My standard defensive setup is a Glock 19 with a Surefire XC-1 weapon light and I knew I wanted to use this same setup for competition so I could get the most practice with it. I don’t really care about having the fastest times, I want to be able to use my defensive weapon effectively in a real world encounter. However, my range had a few restrictions on the types of holsters they allowed, namely it had to outside the waistband and could not have any cant (it had to be perpendicular to the ground), thus my quest for a new holster began.

Finding an OWB holster that fit the Glock 19/XC-1 combo was surprisingly tough but eventually I stumbled across Huckleberry Tactical. They seemed to have everything I was looking for so I decided to try it out.

Now this is not a cheap holster by any means. It sells for $85 which is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum. So the question is going to be, is it worth it? In my humble opinion, absolutely. Let me tell you why.

Purchase Experience

Glock 19 in holster

First, the purchase process was extremely simple and the array of customization options is incredible. They support over 100 different guns and 15 different lights. They allow you to pick your carry side and whether you need an optic cut or have a threaded barrel. They have 60 different color options for your kydex and even let you choose the color of your rivets!

When choosing your holster you also have three options when it comes to a sweat shield: full-slide coverage, half-slide coverage, and no slide coverage. I’m not a fan of slide coverage so I ended up going with no slide coverage but their half-slide coverage is the most popular. Either way, this is a great option to have.

My favorite customization option, however, is that they let you choose your mounting option. So you can decide if you want to attach your holster via belt loop, paddle, Tek-Lok, or even Molle. This is fantastic because you can really tailor the holster to what you need it for and how you like to carry. I really wish more holster manufacturers offered this option. I chose the paddle option because I like being able to easily put the holster on and off if I need to.

Lastly, let’s talk about delivery time. A lot of custom holster makers struggle here but not Huckleberry Tactical. They offer a quick ship option so if you’re like me and like plain, boring holsters you can grab one of their most popular selections that’ll ship to you in just a few days. I received mine just 3 days after placing my order which was very impressive. Even if you go the full custom route, they take just 3-4 weeks compared to other manufacturers that take up to twice as long.

The Holster

Inside of holster

As I said, I received the holster in just a few days. It came with a few Huckleberry stickers and handwritten thank you note — a nice touch. Obviously, the first thing I did was grab my gun and slide it in. It fit well and had just about the perfect retention setting. It had a positive locking sound so you knew when it was set, would not come loose from vigorous shaking, and still slid right out when pulling it from the belt. Just for fun, I tried removing my weapon light and was pleasantly surprised to find the gun still fit with positive retention.

The holster comes with adjustable cant, ride height, and retention through a few sets of screws. However, mine came just the way I need it to with no cant out of the box so I didn’t have to fiddle with it too much. The screws are just a standard Phillips head.

Looking down sights in holster

The kydex is tough and well molded. It seems to be fairly scratch resistant. I like how they cut around the mag release so that you can do administrative reloads if needed. Some holsters will cover the mag release which means you may have to do some cutting with a Dremel. One thing I didn’t like though was the amount of room given for the front sight. You can see there’s quite a big gap above mine and I do wish this was a bit less to give it a smaller footprint. Not a deal breaker for my purposes though.

The paddle it came with has a nice Made in USA emblem. It’s slightly curved to fit your hip and comes with two hooks on both ends to positively attach to your pants or gun belt. The paddle doesn’t require a gun belt, it will hook onto your pants just find but I still recommend wearing one just for that extra bit of assurance.

Holster side view

One thing to keep in mind, is that this holster does not fit as close to the body as ones specifically designed for conceal carry. In the winter time, you’ll definitely be able to conceal it with a jacket but in the summer you will definitely print. It’s perfect for the range or open carry though.

At the range, the holster was just what I was looking for. It gripped my Glock snugly as I was moving around but let it slide right out when I pulled on it purposefully. It felt sturdy and well made and I expect it will last a very long time.

Final Score: 9/10

Holster outside

Overall, I think this is a wonderful holster. It’s pricey and isn’t the best for concealed carry but if you’re looking for a premium, highly customizable, light bearing, OWB holster, I highly recommend the Huckleberry Tactical Light Bearing OWB holster. And if you’re looking for something that is more concealable, check out their IWB options.

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