Why YOU should be a prepper

These days “preppers” and “survivalists” have gotten associated with a negative connotation, conjuring up images of crazy apocalypticists hoarding for the end of the world. Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, however, most preppers (like me) are people you wouldn’t even realize are preppers. We’re folks who believe that being prepared is important because we want to take care of our families should the worst arrive. Prepping for us isn’t a lifestyle but a responsibility — but it can still be fun!

I started prepping when I first got married. I love my wife and I realized that I needed to be able to protect her now matter what situation arrived. At it’s core, that’s what being a prepper is all about — being prepared for whatever might happen. The beauty of it though is that you get to decide what scenarios you believe are likely to happen.

After we got married, my wife and I moved into a small house in the country. We were new to the neighborhood and while it was a safe one, I still worried about potential break-ins because I had heard stories from some of our neighbors. This was a perfect scenario for something unexpected that could happen that I wanted to be prepared for. So knowing that I had a duty to protect my wife and our property what did I do? Well the first thing I did was have a security system installed. Nothing crazy, just some basic door and window sensors to alert the authorities in case we weren’t home. The second thing I did was to buy a gun — a Glock 19 which I felt was sufficient for warding off one or two bad guys.

Now I did what I needed to do to feel comfortably prepared for the threats given my unique circumstances. Other folks might have chosen to get a more robust security system with lights, motion sensors, and cameras. Others may have decided they don’t even need a security system, maybe they have a guard dog that can do better. My choice of a handgun for home defense was what worked for me. Others might have been more comfortable with a shotgun or a rifle. The point is you can choose how you want to prepare for your scenarios they key is to be prepared.

Now preparing for a break-in is something that one might find a little paranoid. Break-ins are rare but could have severe consequences. But there are also less severe scenarios that are worth prepping for. A couple months in to living in our new home, my wife and I experienced a terrible storm which led to our first power outage. It lasted about one day power outage which is not much more than an inconvenience but it’s still something you want to be prepared for. Luckily for us, we’re avid campers so we had lanterns, portable stoves, and a cooler for the contents of our fridge. How would you have fared?

To anyone reading this who isn’t a prepper I offer you this challenge. Think of three or four scenarios that could happen to your family and ask yourself if you’re adequately prepared for them. They don’t have to be major or severe. Just like my power outage example above they could be small like a kitchen fire or a flat tire. And they might be bigger like a natural disaster. If you’re reading this and you are a prepper then I’m preaching to the choir and I ask that you please share this with your non-prepper friends in the hopes we help them.

You don’t have to prep for the end of the world but you should absolutely prep for the unexpected.

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